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1. Call Us

Set up an appointment for a free initial design consultation.

2. Initial Design Consultation

Dan comes by to look at your home, talk about what you want, discuss rough budgets, and walk you through the process, etc.

3. Think It Over

Refine your ideas.  You’ll also get a list of references you are encouraged to talk to.  You can even visit their homes to see the projects that Rosenberg did for them.

4. Sign Up

This is the beginning of the design process. This is where we will develop your plan and rough pricing.

5. Estimates

This is when you have a complete set of drawings, detailed pricing and allowances for the options you’ve chosen.

6. Sign On The Line

Once you’ve reviewed the pricing and contracts, we’ll sign off.  No money down and progress payments make getting started easy.

7. Let’s Get Started

We can generally begin within two weeks of signing final contracts.

8. Start Shopping

This is the fun part.  We’ll guide you through this process by suggesting places to shop and the right people to talk to.